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Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

Posted on Fri, Apr 5, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

There are plenty of causes for knee pain. Sometimes, people may feel the pain after they have incurred an injury, while other times, the knee pain may only be felt over time for no apparent reason. In order to eliminate the pain permanently, it is important to identify the cause accurately. If not, there is a high probability that the pain is likely to come back.

Below are several causes of pain in the knee.

• Arthritis

Arthritis is known as the most common cause of pain in the knee for citizens over 50 years old. Typically, this pain is caused by wear and tear to a person’s cartilage that outlines the joint.knee pain nyc The loss of this cartilage leads to bone on bone contact.

Aside from pain, arthritis can cause weakness, swelling, difficulty with daily activities such as walking, running, and limited movement. Arthritis consists of three stages and treatments depend on the severity of this medical condition.

• Runners Knee

Another common cause of knee pain is runners knee. The pain normally appears around the front of a person’s knee. Although it is known as runners knee, it does not only affect runners. Even those who live an inactive lifestyle can incur this type of medical condition. People who suffer from runners knee will show symptoms such as swelling, pain over their kneecaps and intense pain whilst walking up the stairs. 

• Bakers Cyst

Bakers cyst is one of the common causes of posterior pain. It is typically due to the irritation in the popliteal bursa that is found at the rear of a patent’s knee joint. Normally, a patient will complain of swelling, which is associated with a cartilage tear that leaks into the popliteal bursa. A patient may sustain this knee pain after an accident that caused damage to his or her knee.

People who feel constant pain in their knee should certainly consult an experienced orthopedic surgeon. They can search the Internet for qualified orthopedic surgeons and they can conduct as much research as they want in regards to the surgeons’ costs, expertise and much more.


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