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Do All Knee Conditions Require Surgery

Posted on Sat, Apr 6, 2013 @ 09:04 AM

Do All Knee Conditions Require Surgery

Knee surgery is normally required as a treatment for numerous medical conditions that cause knee pain. Generally, doctors will initially recommend a non-surgical treatment, but if it does not work, knee surgery is definitely the only answer. With various types of knee conditions, it can be rather overwhelming for a patient to know which condition requires surgery and which one does not.

Below are a few conditions that certainly require surgery:

A Torn Meniscus

This knee surgery involves the elimination of a part of the meniscus cartilage from the patient’sknee surgeon nyc knee joint. The meniscus is known as a shock-absorbing wedge that is sandwiched between the bone ends in order to lend the necessary support. To fix a torn meniscus, it is vital that an orthopedic surgeon trims the tear to alleviate the symptoms.

Plica Excision

A tissue residue, known as plica is usually present from the fetal development. During the first stages of growth, a person’s knee is divided into separate sections. Over time, the dividers of these sections are lost. However, some residues remain regardless. As the tissue that is left over becomes more obvious, it is called a plica.

When a person claims to have a plica syndrome, it normally means that the plica is aggravated or irritated. In order to remove the inflammation of the plica, a knee surgery called a plica resection needs to be performed.

Partial Knee Replacement

Depending on the type of arthritis that a person has, a partial knee replacement may be needed. If a patient’s cartilage loss is limited to a small part of his knee joint, an orthopedic surgeon may suggest that only the worn out area needs replacing. On the other hand, if the arthritis is extremely prevalent, then it is recommended that the patient undergo a knee replacement.

If a person feels intense knee pains, it is advisable to immediately visit a reputable orthopedic surgeon to have a look and determine the cause of the pain. This way, he will know if knee surgery is required or if a non-surgical option is enough to heal the knee pain.  


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