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What is the Treatment Plan for Most Knee Conditions

Posted on Sun, Apr 7, 2013 @ 23:04 PM

What is the Treatment Plan for Most Knee Conditions

Most people who have arthritis or other types of knee pain often believe that surgery is the only option. In most cases they are unaware that there are other options to consider. Below are several knee treatment plans that they can mull over:

Physical Therapy

Various studies have shown that regular assessments by a physical therapist are useful in terms of improving one’s function. In addition, a physical therapist is able to teach appropriateknee treatment nyc exercises in order to lessen the pain.

Walking Aids

With the help of crutches and canes, they are able to reduce knee pain significantly. If arthritis has affected both knees and/or hips, then it is advisable to use wheeled walkers.

Heat and Cold

Another knee treatment plan that seems to work very well is the heat and cold treatment. A paraffin bath, heat pack or a warm bath is known to ease arthritis and other knee medical conditions. Aside from the aforementioned heat methods, cold methods such as using cold packs are known to be a huge help as well. Patients should also consider alternating between the two.

Weight Loss

If a patient maintains his weight or loses his weight (if he is overweight), it can actually decrease the knee pain, as it reduces the stress that is affecting the patient’s joints. When a person loses weight, it helps lessen the pressure on all the weight-bearing joints, for instance the knees and hips.

Footwear and Insoles

If arthritis has affected the knee, it is advisable to invest in special insoles and footwear to improve walking and to decrease the pain.

The above mentioned are only a few examples of knee treatment plans. People who are affected by certain knee conditions should surely consult a medical practitioner. In doing so, the medical doctor is able to determine how serious the condition of the knee is and recommend the right treatment plan.

Search the Internet for a prominent orthopedic surgeon or ask for recommendations from any general practitioners. It is imperative that research is carried out to ensure that the surgeons are highly qualified to diagnose the patients.


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