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What are the Symptoms for ACL Tear and a Meniscal Tear

Posted on Mon, Apr 8, 2013 @ 12:04 PM

What are the Symptoms for ACL Tear and a Meniscal Tear

An ACL tear and Meniscus tear are common occurrences among rugby, soccer, and volleyball players, for example. However, not all ACL and Meniscus tears happen during contact with another player. Below are several symptoms of ACL and Meniscus tears.

Symptoms of ACL

- Abrupt instability in knees - normally, this happens after a sudden change in direction, aacl tear nyc
direct blow to the side of the knees or after a jump
- A loud “pop” sound during the occurrence
- Pain at the back or outside of the knees
- The knees start to swell within hours of injury. Typically, the swelling indicates internal joint bleeding (Sudden occurrence of swelling is a sign of a severe knee injury)
- Restricted knee movements due to pain and/or swelling

As soon as the ACL tear occurs, it is best that the person stops the activity immediately.

Symptoms of Meniscus Tear

Symptoms of this injury differ from the ones of an ACL tear. Since there are three stages for a meniscus tear, the symptoms are dissimilar.

Minor Stage

- Minimal pain during the occurrence
- Slight swelling develops slowly after a few days
- Pain increases while lifting, squatting, or rising from a seated position.

With minimal pain, a person can still walk and the symptoms of a minor Meniscus tear usually disappear within two to three weeks. However, the pain may return while twisting or bending.

Moderate Stage

- Pain occurs in the center and at the side of the knees (depending on the location of the tear)
- Swelling happens progressively over two to three days, making the knee feel inflexible
- Sharp pain occurs while squatting or twisting

If the moderate tear is not treated, the pain may recur over several years.

Severe Stage

- Intense and lingering pain
- Swelling and sudden stiffness occur
- Residue of torn meniscus will float through joint space, making a person’s knee pop, catch, or lock
- A person may be unable to straighten knee
- Unstable or wobbly knee

Whether it is an ACL tear or Meniscus tear, it is best to consult an orthopedic surgeon without any delay.


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