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Does ACL Surgery Hurt

Posted on Fri, Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Does ACL Surgery Hurt

Most people assume that they know what to expect when undergoing ACL surgery. More often than not, a large number of ACL patients did not expect that they would suffer so much post-surgery.

Why Is Surgery Needed?

Depending on how serious the tear is, a patient may need to undergo surgery because theDoes ACL surgery hurt ligament needs to be reconstructed. In doing so, it allows the knee to obtain its balance once again. Furthermore, the patient will have the opportunity to get back into his normal routine without any difficulty, although it might take anything from six to 12 months to get things 100% back to normal.

How Painful Is Surgery?

While the patient is undergoing surgery, he will not feel anything, as he will be under anesthesia. The following day, it can be relatively painful, but more often than not, the medical practitioner will prescribe painkillers, so that the pain is more than bearable. Nonetheless, different patients have different pain thresholds; therefore the pain that one feels may be tolerable, while another patient may find it extremely painful.

There have been reports where various female patients who have undergone ACL surgery claimed that it was more painful than giving birth. Others claimed that the painkillers helped relieve the pain incredibly.

During rehabilitation, the physical therapist will normally advise patients on ways to alleviate the pain. Ways of easing the pain may include cold and heat methods where a patient places an ice pack on the area for a few hours, and alternate it with a heating pad every now and then. This method has helped many ACL patients that had to tolerate the post-surgery pain.

When a person sustains a knee injury, it is advisable that he consults a doctor immediately, so that he can find out if he has a torn ACL. If his ACL is torn, he needs to find out if ACL surgery is the only option, or if there are other treatments that he can acquire to heal the injury. It is also highly recommended that he conducts as much research as he can about ACL injuries.


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