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Will my Meniscal Tear Get Better if I Don’t Have Surgery

Posted on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Will my Meniscal Tear Get Better if I Don’t Have Surgery

MCL tear can be very severe and more often than not, surgery is the only way to treat it. The most frequently asked question is if a torn MCL is able to get better without surgery. Below are a few important explanations about this type of tear.

Number of Options Available

There are two options available to those who incur a tear in their MCL. One option is to fix the meniscus tear by undergoing surgery. The other option is not to have surgery and instead, treat the knee with home treatments, medicines, and physical therapy.

Will the Tear Get Better without Surgery?

It all depends on how severely torn the ligament is. Often, small tears found around the edge of the MCL heal fast with plenty of rest. To treat these tears from home, the doctor will adviseWill my Meniscal Tear Get Better if I Don’t Have Surgery patients to take a break from rigorous activities, try ice compression, and elevation. The medical practitioner may also advise patients to wear a knee brace and take naproxen or ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and alleviate pain. With a small MCL tear, patients are often better off without surgery, especially if they frequently attend physical therapy.

When Should One Undergo Surgery

An orthopedic surgeon will normally discuss the treatments available for an MCL tear. Additionally, he will let patients know that there are several things to consider before deciding if surgery is the best treatment. Surgery is typically recommended depending on the location, the pattern, and the size of the tear.

If the patient is an elderly person, there is a probability that the surgeon will not recommend surgery to treat the tear. It is safe to say that an experienced orthopedic surgeon will run tests after tests to ensure the right type of treatment for his patient.

Types of Surgical Treatments

An orthopedic surgeon will offer two types of surgical treatments – one that repairs a tear by merely sewing it back together, and another one that removes a section or all of the MCL. In general, it is recommended to fix the MCL, instead of removing it.  


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