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ACL Surgery Doctor NYC

Posted on Fri, Apr 26, 2013 @ 14:04 PM

ACL Surgery Doctor NYC

Patients who have an ACL tear should consider consulting an ACL surgeon before deciding if surgery is the best option. Discussing the available alternatives can be beneficial to the patients, especially if they consult with a surgeon who specializes in this type of medical condition.

Why is it Necessary for Patients to Consult a Professional?

An ACL surgeon specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ACL tears. Additionally, he canACL Surgery Doctor NYC determine if there is any other associated injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Once he establishes the diagnosis, he will offer all the treatment options accessible. Talking to a medical practitioner who specializes in this type of injury enable patients to ask all the important questions related to the injury.

Signs that ACL Reconstruction Surgery is Necessitated

When a patient consults an orthopedic surgeon, he (the patient) will find out if an arthroscopic treatment is sufficient or if an ACL reconstruction is the better alternative to allow him to take part in sports again, for example. Below are signs that may indicate that a patient needs to undergo ACL reconstruction surgery:

• A patient who constantly feels as if his knee is giving away or is instable despite adequate physical therapy sessions
• A patient who sustains other injuries or tears in the same knee aside from the ACL tear
• A patient who regularly performs sports that involve pivoting, landing, cutting, and jumping
• A patient who has an ACL tear as well as a repairable MCL tear

An ACL surgeon will not suggest that a patient undergo ACL reconstruction surgery unless the injured knee has recovered full motion of the thigh and range of muscle control. Patients need at least 3 weeks in order to recover totally. Once they have achieved full recovery, only then surgery can be recommended.

Without taking the option to consult an ACL surgeon, a patient may be left with constant and intense pain, which can be detrimental to the ACL tear in the long run.

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