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ACL Doctor NYC

Posted on Sun, Apr 28, 2013 @ 14:04 PM

ACL Doctor NYC

There are many reasons why people with a torn ACL should consult an ACL doctor as soon as possible. They will obtain more information about the ACL tear and all the treatment options. In addition, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor who specializes in Anterior Cruciate Ligament and the damages associated with the ligament.

How ACL doctors diagnose an ACL tear

Reputable ACL doctors will run several diagnostic tests such as an X-ray test, which can revealACL Doctor NYC a fracture to the knee. To determine if there is a tear, an MRI scan will be carried out. Typically, an experienced ACL doctor will run different tests to ensure that he covers all types of damages that can happen to a knee and its associated joints and ligaments.

Additional details provided by ACL doctors

When patients make the decision to meet an orthopedic surgeon, he will explain everything pertinent to the tear. Since an ACL tear can be an overwhelming injury for many people, especially athletes, an ACL doctor will advise patients on the various types of professionals that could help them get through the injury particularly if they decide to undergo surgery.

Different professionals involved in ACL treatment:

o Orthopedic surgeon – to diagnose and treat the tear
o Physiotherapist – to identify and improve function and movement of the knee
o Occupational therapist – to help patients cope with specialized equipment to continue daily activities
o Dietician – to assist patients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet
o Pharmacist – to dispense medication to and advise ACL patients on proper usage and any side effects
o Nurse – to offer various advice and help on how to recover from surgery

A person who feels intense pain in his knee should visit a doctor as soon as possible. In doing so, the ACL doctor can run several tests and find the right treatment for the injury. It is not a good idea to postpone the consultation, as the injury can get worse.

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