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Rotator Cuff Doctor NYC

Posted on Wed, Apr 24, 2013 @ 14:04 PM

Rotator Cuff Doctor NYC

The rotator cuff is a collection of tendons and muscles that cover the top of a person’s upper arm bone and helps the shoulder to rotate. Rotator cuff injuries or tears are a very common occurrence and millions of Americans consult a rotator cuff doctor every year. The rotator cuff does not only sustain a tear, it can also sustain an inflammation or infection in the tendon or muscle, which can cause a rotator cuff disorder.

People Who Normally Sustain Rotator Cuff Disorders

People who are active in swimming, tennis, or any sport activities that involve rotating theRotator Cuff Doctor NYC shoulder vigorously often incur a rotator cuff tear, inflammation, or infection. The injury can be caused by excessive and repeated overhead movements. Damages to the shoulder can make it difficult for people to lift their arms and reach above their head.

When Should a Person Consult a Doctor?

A person whose shoulder feels extreme pain, appears to be deformed, or cannot be moved should definitely see a rotator cuff doctor immediately. Consulting a doctor as soon as possible allows him to find out more about the pain and the type of treatment that is suitable for the injury. If the injured shoulder is left without being treated, it can get worse and cause unwanted infections.

Will There be Exams and Tests Carried Out?

In order to diagnose a rotator cuff injury, the rotator cuff doctor will carry out several different exams and tests. He will gather information about the shoulder pain and its history. Thereafter, he will conduct a physical exam to determine if the shoulder is performing normally by testing the movement and strength of it. Depending on what the result is, the doctor may prescribe medications or give a steroid shot to reduce the pain. However, if the MRI scan shows that there is a rotator cuff tear, then he may suggest a surgical treatment.

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