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Posted on Wed, May 1, 2013 @ 17:05 PM

Orthopedist NYC

Knee and shoulder injuries are serious medical conditions, which should be attended to as soon as possible. These injuries can be an ACL or MCL tear, a torn rotator cuff, or severe cases of arthritis. When a person attains a knee injury, it is advisable that he sees an orthopedic surgeon to determine the seriousness of the injury. Upon diagnosing the injury, the surgeon will always discuss the different types of treatments available without delay.

How Important Is It to Consult an Orthopedist?

It is highly essential that patients with knee injuries, such as an Anterior Cruciate Ligament problem, consult an orthopedist, because this type of medical practitioner can establish theOrthopedist NYC severity of the injury and explain the pros and cons of each non-surgical and surgical treatment. Other than that, he can conduct further tests to help determine if there are additional injuries, for instance, a meniscal tear or other types of tears in connection with the ACL.

What Happens if a Diagnosis is Made?

Once a diagnosis is made, the orthopedic surgeon will offer various treatments. In the case of an ACL tear, non-surgical treatments normally include NSAIDs medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen. If the tear is not that serious, the surgeon may offer a steroid jab to relieve the pain.

However, if the tear is extremely serious, the orthopedist will usually recommend an ACL reconstruction surgery. This means, a graft or an allograft is used to replace the torn ligament. Patients with a small tear will normally undergo minor surgery to rectify the problem.

The conclusion is that patients with a torn ligament or a rotator cuff tear ought to visit an orthopedic surgeon immediately. An immediate visit to the doctor means that the injury can be saved before the condition deteriorates even further. By delaying the visit, patients will be in greater pain and the tear might incur infections as well.

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