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Posted on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 @ 14:04 PM

Orthopedics NYC

Orthopedics is the type of medical practitioner that a patient should see if he has injured his knee or shoulder. They are able to establish the type of injury incurred and recommend several treatment options. Athletes or active individuals can easily injure their knees or shoulders, especially if they are involved in sport activities that require them to pivot and jump regularly.

One of the most common injuries that an orthopedist attends to is an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear. The ACL is one of the knee's four ligaments that can easily cause instability when it is torn.

How to Determine an ACL tear

Prominent orthopedics typically run several tests and exams to diagnose the seriousness of theOrthopedics NYC knee injury. They will run an X-ray test to see if there is any fracture involved and then, proceed with an MRI scan to see if there is a tear in the ACL and other associated injuries. Normally, a meniscal tear is associated with a torn ACL. Additionally, they will run other tests to ensure that they provide the right type of treatment to heal the injured knee.

Orthopedists Provide In-Depth Details

Patients should consider consulting orthopedics because they can learn a lot about the injury, its severity and the treatments that will be effective. Even though an ACL tear is a common injury, a lot of people are not well educated about the injury. Thus, a few of those who incur the injury tend to settle for various home treatments.

While home treatment such as using ice packs can relieve pain for minor knee injuries, they do not work very well with moderate or severe cases. Therefore, it is best for patients to consult an orthopedist, so that they can learn more about the injury, the types of treatments, and the team of professionals involved with ensuring that each patient recovers tremendously post-surgery.

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