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NY Sports Medicine

Posted on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 @ 14:04 PM

NY Sports Medicine

Athletes who have injuries should consult a professional that has NYC sports medicine qualifications. He can explain everything that a patient needs to know about the injury and all the treatment options that are available.

What are Sports Medicine Specialists?

Sports medicine specialists are individuals with specialized education and training who focus on the therapeutic and medical phases of physical activity and sports participation. This title doesNY Sports Medicine not essentially mean that they are physicians, as there are various levels of educations, such as the certificate program, a Masters, and a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine.   

What are NYC Sports Medicine Physicians?

A sports medicine physician has specialized training in the field of medicine. He mainly deals with sports injuries, such as rotator cuff tears, Meniscal tears, Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears, and a variety of other sports related injuries. His primary focus is to effectively diagnosis an injury, its treatment options, and the prevention of an injury during sports activities.

During a fellowship program, sports medicine physicians will obtain special training, which they normally complete after they have concluded their residency program in another specialty, for instance, orthopedic surgery or primary care. In NYC sports medicine, there is no extensive residency program.

A large number of primary care sports medicine practitioners complete a 3-year family medicine residency after they complete their medical school education. Thereafter, they will primarily focus on sports medicine. Individuals who choose to be part of an orthopedic surgery residency program will typically become orthopedic surgeons, a group of professionals who attend to injured athletes.

Career Opportunities in Sports Medicine

Career and job opportunities in the NYC sports medicine field are in abundance. Generally, an employment opportunity demands that an individual work with athletes that are in good physical shape or highly active individuals from these two major groups:  

- Performance enhancement/lifestyle improvement
- Injury recovery or prevention

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