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ACL Surgeon NYC

Posted on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 17:04 PM

ACL Surgeon NYC

An athlete who has a torn ACL should definitely consult an ACL surgeon as soon as the injury occurs. Consulting a surgeon allows the athlete to find out more about the injury itself, its causes, the various treatment options, and prevention from any future injury.

How is an ACL Tear Diagnosed?

To diagnose an ACL tear, an ACL surgeon will run a few tests, such as an X-ray and an MRI
scan. An X-ray test is important, as it helps to determine if there is a fracture of the injuredACL Surgeon NYC knee. It is then followed by an MRI scan to establish if the ACL is torn. If it is simply a fracture, then the surgeon may recommend rehabilitation. However, if the ACL incurs a huge tear, it is likely that ACL surgery will be recommended.

Is Rehabilitation Necessary After Surgery?

Rehabilitation is definitely necessary after a patient undergoes surgery. Normally, an ACL surgeon will suggest several weeks to a few months of physical therapy to ensure that the knee is fully recovered before the patient is allowed to get back to his favored sports activities. Recovery time can take up to 12 months, sometimes more, depending on how serious the patient is about rehabilitation.  

ACL injuries can be overpowering for many patients, and due to that, an ACL specialist or surgeon will gather a team of experts to help patients deal with the injury correctly and effectively. The professionals referred to are as follows:

- Physiotherapist
- Pharmacist
- Nurses
- Dietician
- Occupational Therapists

People with a torn ACL should know that the tear cannot heal on its own, especially if it is a major tear. Since a big tear in the ACL requires reconstruction surgery, it is imperative that patients consult an experienced ACL surgeon, so that he can explain the necessary treatment options and the entire procedure.

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