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Rotator Cuff Surgeons NYC

Posted on Thu, Jun 6, 2013 @ 15:06 PM

Rotator Cuff Surgeons NYC

A rotator cuff surgeon is the best person to see if an athlete has a torn rotator cuff. Consulting with the surgeon allows the patient to find out more about the injury. Since the injury can be healed through non-surgical and surgical treatments, it is best to learn the pros and cons from a prominent surgeon who specializes in shoulder injuries.

Why is it Essential to Consult a Surgeon?

A rotator cuff surgeon has the proper knowledge and has the proficiency to perform surgery. In order to establish the condition of the injured shoulder, it is best to consult a surgeon, as heRotator Cuff Surgeons NYC can run tests to diagnose the type of injury incurred by the patient. If he sees that the patient has a large rotator cuff tear, he will advise her to undergo surgery. Since this type of injury can be devastating to large numbers of sportspeople, consulting a surgeon will allow them to ask as many relevant questions as they like in regards to the injury, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Telling Signs that Patients Need Rotator Cuff Surgery

Numerous individuals who are active in sports tend to opt for home care treatment, because they feel that using the ice compression every few hours for several days will heal the injury. While ice compression can alleviate inflammation and pain in shoulder injuries, it is unable to heal a tear. It is important that athletes know when it is time to give up on the home care treatment and opt for surgery. Here are several telling signs that a patient should seriously consider surgery:

• Frequently feels as if her shoulder is unstable or giving away even after a sufficient amount of rehabilitation
• Has other injuries or tears in the same shoulder
• Participates in sports regularly that involve rotating her shoulders vigorously, such as swimming or tennis

Given that a rotator cuff surgeon is able to determine the causes, symptoms, and treatments, it is recommended that athletes consult one immediately after incurring a shoulder injury.

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