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Orthopedic Surgeon NYC

Posted on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

Orthopedic Surgeon NYC

An orthopedic surgeon should attend to any type of injury that involves the musculoskeletal system, such as sports injuries, trauma, congenital disorders, and infections. The orthopedists are able to determine the seriousness of an injury by running several tests. Once an orthopedist diagnoses the injury, he will discuss the treatment options.

The Importance of Consulting Orthopedic Surgeons

General practitioners are generalists who do not have as much experience as orthopedists have in regards to injuries involving ligaments, tendons, and the entire musculoskeletal system. orthopedics nycHence, if a person incurs, for instance, an ACL tear, it is advisable that he consults an orthopedist.

An orthopedic surgeon can establish if a non-surgical treatment is enough to heal the tear, or if the patient should undergo ACL surgery to repair the tear. This diagnosis is certainly not one that a generalist is able to do without referring the patient to an orthopedist.

What Treatments are Available to Heal Sports Injuries?

Depending on the type of sports injury, most surgeons will run a few tests to find out the severity of the injury. A tiny tear to the ligament, tendon, or rotator cuff will normally require the patient to attend a few months of physical therapy to ensure that his knee or shoulder can function properly. Normally, a small tear does not require a patient to undergo surgery, unless he does not progress in rehabilitation.

Other non-surgical treatments include taking medications, such as NSAIDs, Ibuprofen, vitamins, Tylenol, and additional supplements to relieve pain and inflammation. The heat and ice compression is said to help a lot in alleviating pain and swelling. Additionally, a steroid jab is also recommended.

Surgical treatments are only recommended if the tear found in the ligament, rotator cuff, or tendon is huge. Besides sewing the tear back together, an orthopedic surgeon may need to perform reconstructive surgery to the ACL, a knee resurfacing, rotator cuff surgery, or an MCL surgery.

It is advisable that people who sustain knee or shoulder injuries should consult an experienced orthopedist immediately.

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