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Will My ACL Get Better if I Don’t Have Surgery

Posted on Fri, May 17, 2013 @ 14:05 PM

Will My ACL Get Better if I Don’t Have Surgery

Numerous athletes do not like to hear that their Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is torn, because that normally means they are not able to take part in any physical sports activities for the rest of the season. An ACL doctor is always prepared to answer any question pertinent to the injury, as he knows it is important for athletes to be well informed about the injury. Here are several significant things to know about an ACL injury.

What is an ACL Injury?

A torn ACL is a common sports injury and the ligament is situated between the lower leg boneWill My ACL Get Better if I Don’t Have Surgery and the thighbone. Its function is to keep the knee stabilized by preventing the thighbone from overextending.

Symptoms of an ACL Injury

Typically, as soon as the injury occurs, an athlete will hear a loud “popping” sound from his knee. Thereafter, he will find it difficult to walk without any assistance. If the injury is minor, swelling and inflammation will appear within two to three days. However, if it is a severe ACL tear, the swelling will instantly progress around the knee joint and he will feel extreme pain for several days.

How do ACL doctors Diagnose an ACL Tear?

To determine if there is a tear of the ACL, an ACL doctor will run a few vital tests on his patient. These tests include an X-ray and MRI scan. An X-ray test can reveal if there is a fracture in the patient’s knee, but it is not able to conclusively establish if there is a tear. For this reason, an MRI scan is often carried out right after an X-ray test. Once the MRI scan shows a tear, the surgeon will generally provide more information relevant to the injury and its treatment options.

An ACL doctor will recommend surgery if it is a major tear. Generally, an athlete is able to recover from a minor ACL tear without undergoing surgery. Nonetheless, he will need to go through a sufficient amount of rehabilitation.

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