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Will I Miss Work After Shoulder Surgery

Posted on Tue, May 14, 2013 @ 14:05 PM

Will I Miss Work After Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder consists of three diverse joints, and is the most elastic joint of the body. Overuse of the shoulder and age-related degeneration can lead to tears in the tendons and muscles present in the joint. Additionally, the shoulder joint is more prone to dislocations and injuries, which may require shoulder surgery.

When is Shoulder Surgery Required?

A shoulder surgical intervention may be recommended for blankart lesions and labral tears, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability that causes shoulderWill I Miss Work After Shoulder Surgery displacements, and a separated shoulder. A large number of these surgical procedures are carried out through a shoulder Arthroscopy, but chronic and severe shoulder injuries may require a patient to undergo total or partial shoulder replacement surgery.

What Will Happen to Patients after Surgery?

While shoulder surgery helps with repairs and regaining mobility, patients need to know that they will miss several weeks, even months of work after surgery is over. Following surgery, patients will have to attend rehabilitation. Physical therapy consists of several exercises to regain the shoulder’s mobility and often, a physical therapist will arrange numerous months of therapy to ensure that the shoulder is able to perform as well as it did prior to surgery.

What is the Recovery Time?

Generally, recovery time ranges from six to 12 months. After shoulder surgery, a physical therapist will advise patients to avoid stressful movements, such as the following:

- Patients need to follow the exercise routine scheduled by the physical therapist. However, they should avert over-exercising their shoulder joint.
- Patients should refrain from utilizing the involved arm for leaning against railing, tables, walls, etc.
- Within the recovery period after shoulder surgery, patients should steer clear of arm positions and extensions that can lead to unnecessary pressure on the injured shoulder.
- Patients should not move or lift heavy objects, particularly items that are placed in high cupboards and on high shelves.

These are only a few stressful movements that patients should avoid. For more information, it is advisable that they consult an orthopedist.

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