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Will I Miss Work After Knee Surgery

Posted on Sun, Jun 2, 2013 @ 15:06 PM

Will I Miss Work After Knee Surgery

The knee is the biggest joint in the human body, and even so, it can get injured relatively easy. An unexpected twist of the knee can cause a tear to one of the ligaments, which often requires knee surgery to effectively take care of any major problems. If the tear is severe, a patient will need several months to ensure that his knee recovers fully.

Must a Patient Undergo Surgery?

Generally, a small ACL or MCL tear does not require surgery. Patients can attend rehabilitation for a few months to regain their mobility. However, if the tear is large, patients shouldKnee Surgery NYC definitely undergo knee surgery to repair it. At times, an ACL reconstruction surgery is needed, which can take the patient between 6 and 12 months to fully recover from. This means that a patient who undergoes this type of surgery will certainly miss work for an extended period of time.

Rehabilitation is Important

After knee surgery, patients will need rehabilitation in order to conduct the right exercises to regain their knee’s mobility and strength. Typically, a proper rehabilitation program takes at the very least, six months. However, if the patient does not show sufficient progress, then he will need to attend more physical therapy sessions, which can lead to a maximum of 12 months that are required for a full recovery.

Consult the Best Orthopedist in NYC

To obtain useful information about knee surgery and everything pertinent to the procedure, it is highly recommended that patients consult the best orthopedist in New York City. By consulting an orthopedic surgeon, patients are able to find out more about treatment options, which consist of non-surgical and surgical treatments, for example. As previously mentioned, if the patient obtains a minor injury, an orthopedist will recommend NSAIDs or other types of medications to relieve pain and inflammation. Normally, a patient will only miss a few weeks of work if the injury is not too severe.

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