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Best Rotator Cuff Surgeon In NYC

Posted on Fri, May 10, 2013 @ 14:05 PM

Best Rotator Cuff Surgeon In NYC

Athletes who have a torn a rotator cuff should consult a rotator cuff surgeon as soon as possible. Meeting a surgeon specializing in the rotator cuff and musculoskeletal system enables patients to learn more about their injury and all the treatments involved. Non-surgical and surgical treatments are available for rotator cuff tears, but to determine which treatment is suitable for the patient, an experienced surgeon should be consulted first.

Why is it Vital to Consult a Surgeon?

As previously mentioned, a rotator cuff surgeon is able to discuss the injury and its treatments. Additionally, patients can learn the pros and cons of each treatment that is made available toBest Rotator Cuff Surgeon In NYC heal the tear. People who have never had any injury in their shoulder will be able to ask a lot of important questions relevant to the injury. By consulting a general practitioner, they would not usually obtain comprehensive explanations.

How Do Surgeons Establish if Surgery is Necessary?

To establish the type of injury, surgeons will run several tests, which include X-ray and MRI scans. Once they determine the type of rotator cuff injury, they will recommend the right treatment. However, they will need to consider a number of things, such as the patient’s current medical condition, if there was any previous shoulder injury or surgery, and many more. If the patient is cleared to undergo surgery, the orthopedist will pick a date to perform surgery.

Signs a Patient Needs Surgery

Here are a few signs that a rotator cuff surgeon frequently look out for to determine if his patient needs rotator cuff surgery:

- Patient constantly feels as if his shoulder is giving way or is unsteady even though he has had a sufficient amount of physiotherapy
- Patient incurs other tears or injuries in or around the same area
- Patient takes part in sports activities that require rigorous shoulder movements, for instance, swimming, tennis, and rugby

It is advisable that patients take the time to find an experienced rotator cuff surgeon in NYC to perform the surgery. 

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