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Posted on Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 14:05 PM

NYC Best Sports Doctor

When an athlete incurs a sports injury, he needs to consult a sports doctor immediately. Most sports injuries are painful and they need to be attended to as soon as possible, because they can get worse within hours. Here are a few sports injuries that are rather commonly experienced by sportsmen and sportswomen:

Meniscal or MCL Tear

A meniscal or MCL tear is a regular incurring sports injury. The meniscal or meniscus is a delicate shock-absorbing structure that is situated in the knee. A knee contains two menisci; there is the medial, which is in the inside of a knee, and the lateral that is located on the outerNYC Best Sports Doctor edge of the knee. A sports doctor will normally run a few tests to find out if the tear is severe. Most severe tears will need to undergo surgery in order for them to heal properly.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL Tear

An ACL tear is another common sports injury that happens to a large number of American athletes every year. The anterior cruciate ligament is situated amid the lower leg and thigh bone. Its function is to prevent the thigh bone from over-stretching or moving too far forward.

Abdominal Muscle Strain Injury

When a patient sees a sports doctor because of a muscle strain in the abdominal area, the doctor will likely diagnose it as an abdominal muscle strain. This injury can cause tiny rips to the athlete’s muscle and intense pain if it is left untreated for several days. By consulting a doctor, the athlete can obtain the right treatment and he can avoid a rupture in his muscle, which can happen if the injured parts stretch apart from each other.

Obtain Medical Treatment Today

It is highly recommended that any person who sustains a sports injury should consult a sports doctor as soon as possible. If the person postpones the consultation, it can cause the injury to get worse, especially if he does not know any effective home care treatments.

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