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Most Reliable Orthopedic Surgeon for My Knee

Posted on Wed, May 8, 2013 @ 14:05 PM

Most Reliable Orthopedic Surgeon for My Knee

An orthopedic surgeon has the skills and experience to diagnose a knee injury and perform surgery, if it is considered necessary. This type of medical practitioner deals with issues related to the musculoskeletal system, for instance, degenerative diseases, congenital disorders, sports injuries, infections, and trauma. An athlete or an active individual who has incurred a knee injury should consult a prominent knee surgeon.

Here are several qualities that one should for in her surgeon:

Less Invasive Orthopedists

Patients should consider consulting an orthopedic surgeon who is less persistent and usesMost Reliable Orthopedic Surgeon for My Knee sturdier and more efficient implants compared to other orthopedists. Surgeons who are less persistent tend to be more appealing to patients, because they feel more comfortable in expressing their concerns relevant to the injury and its treatment.

Academic Prerequisites

Generally, medical students will have to complete many years of education, training, and residency, before they become certified surgeons. While most surgeons make their academic qualifications public, it is advisable that patients conduct their own research concerning the orthopedists before they decide which one of them is the right person to perform the knee surgery.

Certified by Professional Organizations 

The American Board of Medical Specialties and other similar medical organizations will certify any orthopedic surgeon who has met their high standards of examination, education, and evaluation. Therefore, any surgeon that is found listed with this medical organization is certified and qualified to consult and treat patients.

A Range of Specializations

During the time that a patient searches for the best knee surgeon, she should make sure that the orthopedic surgeon specializes in a number of procedures related to her knee injury. Knee surgeries come in various types, for example, ACL reconstruction, knee chondroplasty, knee arthroscopy, partial or full knee replacement, and many others. Hence, she should ensure that the surgeon has performed the exact type of surgery that she requires, in the past. Furthermore, it is important that patients choose a surgeon with a subspecialty and not choose one who is a generalist.

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