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Does a Rotator Cuff Tear Always Require Surgery

Posted on Wed, May 29, 2013 @ 15:05 PM

Does a Rotator Cuff Tear Always Require Surgery

If someone feels soreness or extreme pain in his rotator cuff, it is advisable that he visits the hospital to see a rotator cuff doctor right away. Rotator cuff doctors specialize in shoulder injuries and are able to determine how serious each injury is.

What Happens When a Patient Incurs a Shoulder Injury?

When a patient incurs an injury in his shoulder, it is best that he consults a reputable rotator cuff doctor at once. Normally, the doctor will run some tests to find out the severity of theRotator Cuff Surgery NYC injury. Once she diagnoses the type of injury, for instance, a severe tear in the rotator cuff, she will then recommend a suitable treatment. More often than not, a rotator cuff tear requires surgery in order for it to work properly again.

Is Surgery Necessary for All Rotator Cuff Injuries?

Surgery is not the only option available for rotator cuff injuries. Often, a surgical intervention is recommended for severe cases of rotator cuff injuries. Otherwise, a rotator cuff doctor will offer non-surgical treatments, such as medications or rehabilitation for minor rotator cuff injuries.

Why is it Vital for Patients to Consult Rotator Cuff Doctors?

Without consulting a rotator cuff doctor, it is difficult to determine how serious the injury truly is. People who obtain this sort of injury will likely think that a cold and hot compression will do, but retrospectively, delaying the consultation will only worsen the shoulder injury. Consulting the doctor allows the patient to learn the right way to treat his injury, even if it is a minor one. Furthermore, the doctor can prescribe the right medication to alleviate any swelling and pain.

How Would a Patient Know That He needs to see a Doctor?

- Patients’ shoulder feels unstable or giving away
- Patients have more than one injury in the same shoulder
- Patients participate actively in sports that frequently involve rotating and movement of shoulder(s)
- Patients have extreme pain in shoulder to an extent that it disturbs them during sleep

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