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How Long is the Recovery After ACL Surgery

Posted on Tue, May 28, 2013 @ 14:05 PM

How Long is the Recovery After ACL Surgery  

What happens when a person incurs a torn ACL? Normally, it is vital that a person consults an experienced orthopedic doctor immediately after he incurs the injury, so that the doctor can establish the severity of the tear. If the tear is serious, then the orthopedist will recommend ACL surgery, as that is the only way that the ACL can regain its functions fully.

Are there non-surgical treatments?

There are a few non-surgical treatments that can be carried out, but often, they are ideal forACL Surgery NYC small tears to the ACL. Nonsurgical treatments include medications, steroid injections, and proper rehabilitation.

How long does the surgery take?

A highly experienced orthopedist can complete an ACL surgery between 60 and 90 minutes. Nonetheless, he might take longer if there are associated damages involved, such as a torn MCL.

How long is the recovery period post-surgery?

The recovery period differs from one person to the next. After ACL surgery is over, the patient is usually advised to undergo rehabilitation that can take anything from four to 12 months, or even more. There were cases where patients had to attend physical therapy for two years, in order to ensure that the knee is back to normality.

Within three to four months of physical therapy, patients are allowed to get back to their normal activities, but if these activities involve sports participation, then the physical therapist might have to run several additional tests to determine if the patients are ready for more rigorous activities. Often, athletes are advised to finish their rehabilitation before they are allowed to get back on the field; otherwise, the tear might happen again.

Is it necessary to undergo surgery?

If a person wants his knee to perform as it did before, then it is best that he undergoes an ACL surgery.

As aforementioned, it is ideal that a person sees an orthopedist immediately after incurring the injury. An orthopedist is able to establish the right treatment for the type of ACL injury that one might have incurred.

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