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How Long is the Recovery After Shoulder Surgery

Posted on Sun, May 19, 2013 @ 15:05 PM

How Long is the Recovery After Shoulder Surgery

Orthopedists often advise patients to undergo shoulder surgery when they have a huge tear in their rotator cuff or other areas of the shoulder. Before an orthopedic surgeon establishes thedescribe the image severity of the injury, he will run quite a few tests, such as a Magnetic Resonance Imaging and an X-ray, just to name a couple. If it is a minor injury, the orthopedist will recommend a number of non-surgical treatments. In order to determine if a patient needs a surgical treatment or not, a number of things will be considered:

The Patients’ Reaction to Other Types of Treatments

A few shoulder injuries can be healed through non-surgical treatments, for instance, anti-inflammatory medicines, a cortisone injection, and suitable rehabilitation. If these treatments fail to relieve pain and inflammation within a few months, then the orthopedist will ask his patient to consider shoulder surgery.

Patients’ Level of Symptoms

Patients with minor symptoms can choose to postpone their surgical treatment, as they might have a chance to heal by way of non-surgical treatments. However, those who have difficulties in performing simple, daily activities and incur extreme pain while resting and sleeping will have to undergo shoulder surgery in order to feel a lot better.

Is Surgery Painful?

Shoulder surgery will not be painful, as patients are normally under anesthesia. As soon as the patient is conscious post-surgery, he may feel some slight pain, which is normally alleviated through taking prescribed drugs.

How long is the Recovery Period?

The recovery time after shoulder surgery is anything from three weeks to six months with daily rehabilitation sessions included. In some cases, it can take a patient about six months or more to fully recover. However, depending on the patient’s self-motivation and with lots of discipline, he may recover a lot sooner. Athletes with a shoulder injury are normally put under vigorous rehabilitation, so that they can get back to their normal day-to-day activities as soon as possible.

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