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How Do I Know if I Need Knee Surgery

Posted on Wed, May 22, 2013 @ 11:05 AM

How Do I Know if I Need Knee Surgery

Knee surgery can be frightening to the majority of people, especially if they are not well educated on the subject of knee injuries, the reasons behind the surgery, and the healing process. Often, the first question that a patient with an injured knee asks is:

“How Do I Know I Need Knee Surgery?”

This question can only be answered after a patient and his orthopedist consider a number of things and discuss the patient’s current medical condition. When a knee is badly injured, it canKnee Surgery interfere with a number of important activities that the patient is involved in daily. Therefore, this would usually be the perfect time to undergo a specialist knee surgery.

Surgical Intervention is Ideal

Knee surgery should definitely be considered when non-surgical interventions have not helped diminish the pain and inflammation. These non-surgical treatments may or may not include rehabilitation, the usage of a cane or crutches, and medication. Other possible signs that should be taken into consideration are aching joints, minor/major pain after extensive use of the injured knee, stiffness in joints after rest or inactivity, loss of mobility, and/or an increase in pain at some stage during humid conditions.

The Importance of Consulting an Orthopedist

Generally, people will first consult their general practitioner concerning their knee pain. If it is a severe medical condition, the general practitioner will refer his patient to an orthopedist. The orthopedists are specialized medical practitioners who can determine when or if it is necessary to undergo knee surgery. Additionally, after proper tests and examinations are carried out by his assistant, the orthopedist will ascertain what type of surgery is required to repair the knee injury.

Various Types of Knee Surgeries

Knee injuries can cause severe pain and most of them need to be treated immediately. Knee injuries such as ACL or MCL tears will necessitate an ACL/MCL surgery or knee Arthroscopy surgery. For major ACL-related injuries, knee reconstruction surgery is often recommended. Another common surgery is full or partial knee replacement surgery.

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