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Is Knee Replacement Surgery Painful

Posted on Sat, Jun 22, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

Is Knee Replacement Surgery Painful

Sports people often face numerous types of injuries while training or competing. Some of the common sports injuries are ACL tears, MCL tears, or rotator cuff tears. Knee injuries such as ACL and MCL tears are bad news for athletes, because most of the time, they have to take the entire year off from competing in order to recover 100%. A number of treatments exist that are carried out by orthopedists to heal knee injuries, which include knee reconstruction surgery and partial or full knee replacement surgery, to only name a few.

What are Partial and Full Knee Replacement Surgery?

Partial knee replacement surgery means that the orthopedic surgeon will replace only one sideknee replacement nyc of the knee joint, whereas full knee replacement surgical intervention requires both sides of the knee joints to be replaced with artificial joints. Diseased, worn-out, or damaged knees normally need these artificial joint(s) in order for the patient to get back to his normal activities.

How painful is Surgery?

Not many people have complained about the level of pain felt during surgery, because they were put under anesthesia. Nevertheless, a few people, especially women, have compared the post-surgery pain akin to giving birth. This should not scare any patient from undergoing knee replacement surgery, because every person experiences the post surgery effects differently.

How long does the Artificial Joints Last?

Knee replacements can last more or less 15 years, especially if the knee(s) is not put under a lot of pressure and is properly cared for. In general, patients will be advised on how to care for their replacement knee(s), so that it can last longer.

How long does Surgery Last?

Depending on the specific type of knee surgery, the procedure can take about 2 hours to complete. Often, patients are required to stay overnight, so that the orthopedic surgeon can observe the knee(s) the following day.

Who are required to Undergo Surgery?

Anyone who has damaged, diseased, or worn knee(s) is advised to undergo knee replacement surgery.

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