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How Much Work Will I Miss After Knee Surgery

Posted on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

How Much Work Will I Miss After Knee Surgery

The biggest joint in the human body is the knee, and yet, it is one of the joints that are easily knee surgery nycinjured, particularly if the person is an overly active athlete. Even if he is not an athlete, a sudden twist to any person’s knee can cause severe damages to the knee. One of these damages is a tear to one of the four ligaments. When a ligament is torn, it is almost inevitable that knee surgery is required.

Is Surgical Intervention the Only Cure?

It is not to say that a surgical intervention is the only cure, but when the knee is badly damaged, knee surgery is frequently necessary in order to repair the tear. Often, there are other associated injuries to a torn ligament, such as an MCL tear. Without surgery, it is impossible for the injuries to heal properly on their own.

Are There any other Treatment Options Available?

Depending on how serious the injury is, orthopedists will inform their patients to take medication, additional supplements, and attend rehabilitation for a few weeks. If these non-surgical alternatives do not help alleviate inflammation, pain, and swelling, there will be no other choice but to undergo knee surgery.

How long does it take a Surgeon to Perform Surgery?

Knee surgery normally takes about 60 to 90 minutes, if there are no other associated injuries or tears. Before a patient undergoes surgery, an orthopedic surgeon will run a number of tests to verify the severity of the injury.

How long does it take to Recover?

Post surgery, it will take several months to fully recover. If rehabilitation is working well for the patient, he may recover within six to eight months. Generally, patients will miss about two to three weeks of work before they are allowed to go back and even if they are allowed to work after a week or two, they are advised to steer clear of any work activities that may put unnecessary strain on the problematic knee.

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