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What is Joint Replacement Surgery

Posted on Tue, Jun 18, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

What is Joint Replacement Surgery

In the United States, roughly 430,000 adults undergo knee or hip Joint Replacement Surgery. Mainly due to an aging population and the unyielding accomplishment of this surgery, the number grows every year. Although it is a common surgical intervention, a large number of people do not know what it is and when it is required for a person to undergo this type of surgery. In this blog post, readers will learn a few significant facts about this popular surgical procedure.

Joint Replacement Surgery is often deemed as a last resort in surgical treatment in order to joint replacement nycrelieve arthritis soreness and reinstate function to the damaged or diseased joint. Prior to recommending this type of surgery, orthopedists would treat patients with more conventional treatment alternatives. Generally, this surgery is only proposed when the affected joint drastically influences a patient’s quality of life and pain can no longer be controlled.

What is Joint Replacement Surgical Treatment?

When an orthopedist suggests Joint Replacement Surgery, he will carefully explain to the patient how the surgical intervention works. This surgery involves two steps, which include the following:

An orthopedic surgeon will remove the cartilage from both sides of the joint, and then, he will resurface the affected joint with a prosthesis, which is a new joint constructed from plastic and metal components. It simply means that the damaged joint is replaced with an artificial joint. Hypothetically, any joint can be reinstated, but the most common joint replacement surgical procedure entails the hip and knee.

How do Patients determine that this Surgery is Necessary?

Patients need to ask themselves these subsequent questions in order to determine if surgery is necessary:

- Have they tried medication and other traditional pain-relief healing options?
- Do they have inexorable pain in the affected joints?
- Do they incur significant difficulty performing daily activities, for instance climbing stairs, cleaning, cooking, walking, etc.?
- Has their quality of life suffered because of damaged joint and arthritis pain?

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