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Is Knee Surgery Covered By My Insurance

Posted on Fri, Jun 14, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

Is Knee Surgery Covered By My Insurance

Knee injuries are common among athletes and when athletes incur an injury to their knee, an orthopedist will initially suggest a few non-surgical treatment options, if the injury is not serious. Nonsurgical interventions come in various types, which include medication, steroid injections, rehabilitation, and at times, additional supplements. Generally, the medication and additional supplements are prescribed to alleviate pain and inflammation. Nonetheless, if the injury does not get better or if the knee ligament is severely torn, the only thing that remains for the patient will be to undergo knee surgery.

Is Surgery only Necessary for a Torn Knee Ligament?

The knee contains four vital ligaments and when one of these ligaments is torn, it needs to be knee surgery nycrepaired as soon as possible, so that the patient can return to his normal daily routine. In some cases, it is not as easy as just sewing the ligament back together. Severe cases like a huge tear to the ACL can only be repaired through ACL reconstruction surgery. A medical condition such as arthritis normally requires a patient to undergo a partial or full knee replacement. The latter is also suitable for severely worn-out knees. In conclusion, knee surgery is not only recommended for torn ligaments.

Do Insurance Carriers Cover Knee Surgical Interventions?

Some insurance carriers are known for providing medical insurance that covers knee surgery, such as a partial or full replacement surgical procedure. For ACL reconstruction surgery, MCL surgery, and other types of knee surgeries, it is sensible that patients check in advance with their insurance carriers to ensure that these surgical treatments are covered under their chosen insurance plans.

Must a Patient Consult a Highly Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon?

As with any type of service, it is recommended that a patient first consults a highly experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon to perform knee surgery on him. With so many resources available today, patients can effortlessly find a prominent surgeon by conducting a number of background checks concerning his education, qualifications, experience, and specializations.

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