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Is Shoulder Surgery Covered by My Insurance

Posted on Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

Is Shoulder Surgery Covered by My Insurance

Shoulders are the most flexible joints in the human body and they comprise of three diverse joints. Excess usage of a shoulder, certain types of sports activities, and age-related degeneration can lead to a number of injuries to the tendons and muscles of these joints. If a shoulder with minor injuries is not treated immediately, it can lead to graver and more serious problems. Eventually, the patient will need to undergo shoulder surgery.

Types of Injuries that Require Surgery

Generally, patients who have rotator cuff tears are advised to undergo shoulder surgery to shoulder surgery nycensure that they can get back to their sports or everyday activities. At times, serious dislocations of the shoulder can also require surgery, because they can cause severe tears and rips to the tendons or muscles.

Do Patients Feel Pain after Surgery?

Post-surgery can be relatively difficult for some patients, because they will be in a lot of pain. Even so, patients will usually be medicated to help relieve the pain. After being discharged from the hospital, patients will need to take certain medication in order to alleviate pain, which can last about 48 hours after the shoulder surgery.

Is Rehabilitation Needed after Surgery?

Generally, after surgery, an orthopedic surgeon will organize that patients attend rehabilitation, which can last anything from six to 12 months. Physical therapy can last a lot longer if the patient finds it difficult to progress.

How Much Does a Surgical Intervention Cost?

The costs of most shoulder surgeries differ from one hospital to the other. Additionally, the specialization and experience of an orthopedic surgeon play a huge part in determining the cost. To obtain an estimate, it is best that patients consult a few different hospitals and orthopedic surgeons before undergoing surgery.

Do Insurance Agencies cover this type of Surgery?

Most insurance agencies cover certain types of surgery. Therefore, to determine if an insurance carrier covers shoulder surgery, it is highly suggested that patients talk to the orthopedic surgeon or consult their insurance carriers first.

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