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How Much Is Shoulder Surgery

Posted on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

How Much Is Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery is necessary for patients who have huge tears and rips to their rotator cuff or other areas of the joint. Before surgery is recommended, an orthopedist will run a number of crucial tests, which include an X-ray and MRI scan. Nonetheless, not all injuries of the shoulder require surgery. Below are several indications that a person needs surgery.

A Patient’s Reaction to Non-surgical Treatments

Some shoulder injuries can be cured through non-surgical interventions such as cortisone shoulder surgery nycinjections, anti-inflammatory medication, additional supplements, and physical therapy. If these non-surgical treatments do not heal the injury within several months, then the orthopedic surgeon will ask the patient to consider shoulder surgery.

A Patient’s Level of Symptoms Play a Part

To determine if a patient needs shoulder surgery, the orthopedic surgeon will take his level of symptoms into consideration. Typically, patients with minor or moderate symptoms will delay the surgical treatment, because there is a chance that the injury could heal through non-surgical treatment options. Nevertheless, patients with major symptoms such as having difficulties to perform daily activities or sustaining intense pain while sleeping or resting will definitely have to undergo a surgical treatment. Surgical treatments are necessitated if patients want to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

How Much does it cost to Undergo Surgery?

The cost of any surgery depends on the location of the hospital and the experience of the orthopedic surgeon. The longer he has served in this specialized medical field, the higher the cost will be for him to perform the surgical procedure.

Is it Vital to Consult as Many Surgeons as Possible?

If a patient does not have an insurance plan or sufficient funds to undergo shoulder surgery, it is important that he consults as many surgeons as possible to obtain an accurate estimate. In doing so, there is a high probability that he can find a highly experienced surgeon who does not cost too much.

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