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ACL Surgeon Reviews NYC – Insurance Accepted

Posted on Mon, Jun 10, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

ACL Surgeon Reviews NYC – Insurance Accepted

Patients who have a torn ACL are normally advised to undergo ACL surgery, particularly if the ligament has a huge tear or rip. Generally, ACL surgeons will first prescribe a few non-surgical treatment options. If these non-surgical treatments fail, they will recommend surgery. Patients who make the decision to undergo ACL reconstruction or arthroscopic surgery should conduct thorough research to find out more about ACL surgeon reviews that are provided by authorized medical insurance agencies.

Benefits of ACL Surgery

As with any type of surgery, there are many benefits when undergoing ACL surgery. Once a acl surgeon nycpatient heals from surgery, he is able to return to high-level sports activities again. Any further damage to the knee cartilage can be protected and people with treated ACL tears normally have a near-normal knee function. An ACL reconstruction surgical intervention should be considered for people who experience recurring instability in their knee and have the desire to return to sports activities that necessitate lateral pivoting of their knee.

Is ACL Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Before proceeding with surgery, it is advisable that patients check with their insurance carriers if their plans cover ACL surgeries. Most ACL surgeon reviews by insurance agencies and medical boards would normally state the insurance plans that cover this type of surgery. The following are a few insurance plans that can help patients who need to undergo ACL surgery:

- Medicare
- Workman’s Compensation
- Aetna
- Humana (PPO, ERS, HMO)
- BC/BS (Health Select, PPO)
- United Healthcare
- Cigna

Is ACL Surgery for Everyone?

Prior to recommending surgery, an ACL surgeon reviews his patients to determine if surgery is the best option. The final decision varies from patient to patient and from one orthopedic surgeon to another. It is imperative that patients discuss all the surgery options with their orthopedic surgeons prior to surgery. Some orthopedic surgeons might have a preferred method and it is essential to consider that method or perhaps, others as well.

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