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How is Runner’s Knee Fixed - Insurance Accepted

Posted on Fri, Jun 28, 2013 @ 13:06 PM

How is Runner’s Knee Fixed - Insurance Accepted

A runners knee is one of the most common injuries among athletes and even individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle. There are various ways to reduce pain and swelling as well as to fix this type of injury. The following are some of the most common treatment options:


By performing a number of stretching exercises, it is possible to reduce muscle tightness,runner knee nyc which in turn will improve the way that the kneecap glides within the patellar groove decreasing the friction found in the kneecap.

Strengthening Exercises

Individuals with runners knee frequently have weak quads and glutes muscles. Toughening these muscles can reduce the weight that runs through the person’s knee. Exercises that particularly target these muscles can make a huge difference.


To alleviate pain and swelling, patients can purchase over the counter medication and painkillers such as Ibuprofen and Advil. Alternatively, they can consult their doctors who can recommend other alternatives.


Patients struggling with runners knee should consider purchasing special insoles that are used with their shoes to eradicate the foot position problem, as well as the Q-angle. They can diminish the load running through the kneecap too.

Ice Compressions

To reduce pain, a person can use ice compression every 10 minutes after any activity. Since there are numerous ways to carefully and proficiently use ice therapy, it is sensible for people to consult their doctor to learn more about them. 

Surgical Intervention

Surgery is very atypical in a runners knee injury. Nonetheless, if all the above treatment options fail to be effective, surgery is usually the last option to eradicate bits of bone that are aggravating the knee and to relieve tight structures in the region of the knee. There are a few insurance plans that cover this type of surgery, such as Medicaid. However, patients who are not sure what types of surgeries are covered by their insurance plans should consult their insurance carriers before undergoing surgery.

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