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Who is the Best Sports Medicine Doctor in NYC

Posted on Sun, Oct 20, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

Who is the Best Sports Medicine Doctor in NYC

When athletes injure themselves on the field, they are often taken straight to the changing room, so that their sports medicine doctor can have a look at the injury. Sports medicine doctors are as a rule always on duty during sports competitions, because athletes usually incur injuries while competing, particularly those who take part in rugby, football, and soccer matches. The following are a few examples of common sports injuries:

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ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Tear

ACL tears are very common among rugby and football players. Every year, hundreds of sports people have to undergo ACL surgery to repair their torn ligament. The ACL is found between the thighbone and the lower leg bone of a person’s knee and functions in such a way that it helps prevents the thigh bone from moving forward too much, or from over-stretching. If the knee ends up locking up, it can typically cause the ligament to tear.

MCL (Menicus) Tear

Another common sports injury on the sports field is an MCL tear. The meniscus (also known as Meniscal) is a shock-absorbing structure that is located in the patient’s knee. In each knee, there are two menisci (plural for meniscus) - the medial meniscus (inside knee section) and the lateral meniscus (outer section of the knee). When an athlete is brought in from the sports field, a sports medicine doctor will run a few on-site tests to find out the severity of the injury. As with ACL tears, surgery is a common procedure that is required to treat the MCL tears.

Find the Best Sports Medicine Doctors

Athletes who have injured their knee should find the best available sports medicine doctor in NYC to treat them. Sports medicine doctors are able to determine if a surgical intervention is truly necessary, by performing several vital tests first. If surgery is not needed, they will offer various non-surgical treatment options, which consist of medication, rehabilitation, and steroid injections.

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