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ACL Surgery Recovery Time for Athletes

Posted on Sat, Aug 10, 2013 @ 14:08 PM

ACL Surgery Recovery Time for Athletes

When an orthopedist advises an athlete to undergo ACL surgery, the first thing that the athlete usually wants to know is how long it will take him to recover from the operation. It is a valid question, because athletes prefer to get back to their sports as soon as possible. An ACL surgery recovery time is different for each athlete. Some athletes may recover within six months, while others may take 12 months or even more.

A typical ACL surgery recovery time soon after surgery is about four to five hours, during which the athlete will be awake from the general anesthetic. Thereafter, his recovery time will rangeacl surgery recovery timeline from four to six months, or six to 12 months. Depending on his progress, he might take a lot longer to fully heal. Whether or not the athlete needs surgery to repair the tear, he has to allow enough time for the injury to heal.

Nonetheless, if surgery is unavoidable, an athlete will need to use a knee brace and/or a pair of crutches before and after surgery. After certain ACL injuries, athletes may also need to utilize a case that is made for the thigh and knee. The case helps to stabilize the athlete’s knee.

The Recovery Period during Rehabilitation

Athletes who have to use a knee brace or crutches will need to utilize it for six weeks, perhaps more, depending on the recovery progress of their knee joint. While they are using the knee brace or crutches during the ACL surgery recovery time, they will have to undergo physical therapy to ensure that their knee regains its mobility.

During rehabilitation, athletes are advised to rest, which means they are not allowed to conduct any vigorous activity. They will need to perform ice and heat compressions approximately two to three (sometimes four) weeks after their surgery. Afterward, they are required to undergo physical therapy, which includes walking and cycling for 12 weeks, as well as running for another six months.

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