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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Cost – All Insurance Accepted

Posted on Thu, Jul 4, 2013 @ 15:07 PM

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Cost – All Insurance Accepted

Arthroscopic knee surgery is a common procedure carried out by orthopedists to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the human joints. It is minimally invasive and is often performed using an arthroscope. An arthroscope is a small instrument shaped like a tube and is inserted into the joint area through the tiny incisions. Generally, this small tube is utilized in combination with other devices that are inserted through another opening.

The Cost of Arthroscopic Procedure

Surgery costs differ from state to state. The average cost is about $4,700 and the maximum cost can be as high as $32,000. Most health insurance plans cover arthroscopic knee surgery, but the type of coverage depends on the medical center or hospital.

Why is Arthroscopic Procedure Necessary?

Arthroscopic knee surgery is of use for three primary reasons:

- To allow orthopedists to diagnose conditions and verify the cause of knee symptoms, problems,arthroscopic knee surgery and to plan necessary treatments.

- In order to allow treatment for any condition, such as performing surgery to eliminate damaged tissue from within the knee.

- Before incisions are made, orthopedists will conduct an examination (under anesthesia) of the knee joint. This is done to compare the injured knee to the other knee joint.

In doing so, it offers valuable information with regards to any ligament damage or joint laxity which may or may not necessitate surgery. If there is any ligament disruption during the time arthroscopic knee surgery is carried out, ligament reconstruction surgery will not be performed unless the orthopedist has thoroughly discussed this before he performed the arthroscopy procedure.

Here are a few common procedures performed through arthroscopy:

Elimination of Meniscal Tears

Meniscal tears are a common sports injury. When a tear occurs, it splits the cartilage or gristle on each side of the knee joint, making it difficult for the sportsman to absorb any impact.

Biopsy of Condition

This is often performed in case of recurring knee pain, inflammation, and swelling when there is no apparent reason or cause like an injury or a fall.

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