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Minimally Invasive Surgery – Shoulder - Free Consultations

Posted on Fri, Nov 29, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

Minimally Invasive Surgery – Shoulder - Free Consultations

Minimally invasive surgery done on the shoulders is the future. As with gall bladder and knee surgery, the medical industry expects that in 5 to 10 years time very few orthopedic surgeons will still be performing common shoulder surgeries using open methods. Various hospitals and medical centers offer patients the latest in minimally invasive shoulder surgeries. Also known as arthroscopy, this particular technique decreases stiffness, pain, and the chance of infection.

How Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Performed by Orthopedic SurgeonsMinimally Invasive Surgery – Shoulder- Free Consultations

With minimally invasive surgeries for shoulder injuries, an orthopedic surgeon utilizes a small lens, known as an arthroscope, to observe the inside of his patient’s shoulder. The small lens can be positioned virtually anywhere to allow easy access to limited spaces using small incisions. Unlike an open surgical procedure, the orthopedic surgeon is not restricted by the size of the incisions.

The latest arthroscopes display images on LCD monitors in high-definition quality and amplify the surgeon’s view, so that the object in the shoulder appears much bigger than it actually is. This is akin to a doctor seeing through a microscope. Minimally invasive surgery such as this requires the surgeon to carry out the task while flushing water all the way through the shoulder joint. By doing this, the surgeon has a clearer view of what he is doing. Furthermore, it reduces the infection rates during shoulder surgery.

Additional benefits of minimally invasive surgeries for the shoulder

- Quicker rehabilitation period
- Reduced blood loss
- Reduced incidences of inflexibility
- Reduced pain from the surgical intervention

Choose a Reputable Orthopedic Surgeon

It is highly recommended that patients search for a reputable orthopedic surgeon that is able to successfully perform minimally invasive surgery. Thorough research enables patients to find a surgeon that offers a free consultation, which is certainly an added advantage, as certain consultations can be relatively costly.

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