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What Is Runner Knee Recovery Time – All Testing Done On Site

Posted on Thu, Nov 28, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

What Is Runner Knee Recovery Time – All Testing Done On Site

Runner’s knee occurs when the patella meets the femur. Despite its name, both inactive and active people can incur this injury. This medical condition differs in terms of cause and severity as well as runner knee recovery time.

Symptoms and Causes of Runner’s KneeWhat Is Runner Knee Recovery Time – All Testing Done On Site

Individuals with runner’s knee typically experience a dreary but persistent pain in combination with immobility and inflexibility issues. Its symptoms are akin to various knee problems, thus, it is important that people consult a qualified doctor to verify that they have runner’s knee or another type of knee injury. Common causes of runner’s knee include flat feet, injury to the knee, knee misalignment, dislocated knee, and infection of the knee joint.

How to Diagnose Runner’s Knee Injury On-Site

Below are effective ways to determine if a person has runner’s knee:

A highly qualified sports doctor will first inspect the person’s knee for deformity, changes in the skin around the knee, redness, and/or swelling. Thereafter, she will feel the palpation for any sensation, warmth or coolness, tenderness, and blood flow. Once the aforementioned is done, she will run a series of knee’s motion, such as bending and straightening of the knee. At this point, she will pay close attention to any unfamiliar sounds that emanate from the leg or knee joint.

While running a passive test, the doctor will move the patient’s knee joints and legs, whereas during the active test, she will order the patient to utilize his muscles to move his knee joints and legs in order to check for runner’s knee. During this time, she will listen for any popping sound, clicking, or grinding.

The sports doctor will inform the patient of all the treatment options that are available for treating runner’s knee. In addition, she will give an estimate for the runner knee recovery time. It is always wise that patients consult a qualified medical practitioner to determine if they have runner’s knee. Ask for recommendations from general practitioners, dentists, or family members.

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