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Beginning Runner Knee Pain NYC

Posted on Wed, Nov 27, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

Beginning Runner Knee Pain NYC

Runner’s knee is one of the most common disorders among active and sedentary individuals. Although inactive people may not run regularly, they can still incur this injury while performing activities such as biking and ordinary walking. Runner knee pain can be extremely uncomfortable and excruciating, especially around the kneecap region. However, this injury is not a condition, as it is a loose term used for numerous unmistakable disorders with different causes.

Causes of the Knee PainBeginning Runner Knee Pain NYC 

Runner knee pain can be caused by several actions that can include the following:

- Repeated bending of the knee, which can cause irritation to the kneecap nerves
- Direct trauma to the knee, such as a fall or a blow
- Fragile thigh muscles
- Overstretched tendons
- Misaligned bones that can cause uneven distribution of physical stress through the entire body
- Flat feet or fallen arches

Runner’s Knee Symptoms

People who have started running or who are living a more active lifestyle may experience some common symptoms. Below are some of these general symptoms of beginner’s runner knee pain:

- Uncomfortable pain behind or around the kneecap
- Pain while standing, walking, kneeling, bending the knee, squatting, running, or sitting
- The pain gets worse when walking up the stairs or walking downhill
- Popping or grinding sensations in the knee
- Swelling, inflammation, or redness

If there is a feeling of uneasiness in the knee, particularly after a long walk or run, it is best to consult a general practitioner as soon as possible. The GP may refer the patient to an orthopedic specialist who can diagnose the injury after conducting several tests, such as MRI scans, X-rays, and CT scans. A CT scan is typically carried out to determine if there is any additional injury with the pain caused by runner's knee.

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