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Top Rotator Cuff Doctor NYC – All Insurance Accepted

Posted on Tue, Sep 10, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

Top Rotator Cuff Doctor NYC – All Insurance Accepted

A rotator cuff doctor is the perfect medical practitioner to consult if a patient has incurred an injury to his shoulder. This doctor can determine if the rotator cuff has incurred a minor, moderate, or major injury. Moreover, he can verify what treatment type would be the most suitable for the specific shoulder injury.

What Happens When the Shoulder Incurs an Injury?

An injury to the shoulder can cause rips if it is not attended to immediately. These rips canrotator cuff doctor cause severe tears and eventually, the patient may not be able to conduct daily routines that require him to use his hand and shoulder.

To guarantee that the injury is treated correctly and that it heals perfectly, the patient has to consult a rotator cuff doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will usually run a number of important tests to diagnose the exact condition and he will then inform the patient about what treatment options to follow. If the injury is severe, the patient may have to undergo surgery.

Is Surgery really Necessary?

Severe cases of rotator cuff injuries often necessitate surgery in order for the patients to regain their shoulder’s standard mobility and flexibility. However, if the injury were minor or moderate, physical therapy would usually suffice. Patients can expect to attend rehabilitation for several months to make sure that the injury heals properly.

When should Patients consult Rotator Cuff Doctors?

Patients who incur injuries to their shoulder are often advised to consult a rotator cuff doctor instantaneously. They should not delay a visit to the specialist if they feel their shoulder is giving out every time they lift it or while they are trying to perform normal daily routines, such as washing the dishes, hanging the laundry, and more. Patients should only visit a specialist doctor who has multiple years of experience in treating patients with shoulder injuries.

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