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NYC Knee Surgeon Prices – Free Consultation

Posted on Sun, Nov 24, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

NYC Knee Surgeon Prices – Free Consultation

Knee surgeon prices can be difficult to understand, even for some medical professionals. Medical expenses for the same surgery can vary significantly, which is typically based on the patients, the location and the severity of the condition, and many more. It is safe to say that not every surgery will cost a patient the same and the variation in costs from one location to the next can be surprising.

Surgery ExpensesNYC Knee Surgeon Prices – Free Consultation

Recent studies have investigated the cost of two of the most commonly performed knee surgeries. These surgeries are called ACL reconstruction, knee replacement, and knee arthroscopy. The expenses are inclusive of knee surgeon prices and hospital fees that include the anesthesia services, supplies, and operating room. The costs for these surgeries are on average as follows:

ACL Reconstruction Surgery: $10,500
Knee Arthroscopy Surgery: $5,900
Knee Replacement Surgery: $20,000

As previously mentioned, the knee surgeon prices differ from location to location and from surgeon to surgeon. The more experienced the surgeon is, the more it may cost to consult him. Certain surgeons provide free consultations, which is certainly a huge advantage to many patients, especially the ones who do not have health insurance policies.

Health Insurance Coverage

People who own health insurance policies under their names will certainly spend less compared to those who have to fork out their own money. Those who want to make use of their health insurance coverage should first find out from the surgeon if he and the medical center accept their specific type of insurance plan.

A number of insurance plans that are accepted by most orthopedic surgeons in NYC include Fidelis Care, Humana, Capital District Physicians Health Plan, Oxford Health Plans, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Evercare. There may be other insurance plans that cover knee surgeon prices, which is why it is important that patients take as much time as possible to conduct additional research.

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