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Find Sports Surgeons in Manhattan

Posted on Tue, Aug 13, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

Find Sports Surgeons in Manhattan

A sports surgeon is a medical practitioner who treats patients with sports-related injuries. Whether it is the athlete’s tendon or cartilage that is damaged, the sports doctor checks the injury thoroughly and makes an accurate diagnosis. Once he diagnoses the condition, he offers the best treatment option to treat the particular injury.

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Sports surgeons are highly educated individuals and before they are allowed to practice, one or more medical board will certify their precise educational background and expertise. To diagnosesports medicine manhattan an injury properly, a sports surgeon will always run a number of significant medical tests on his patients. Typically, the test results are ready within a couple of hours and as soon as he has the results, he will discuss the treatment options with his team to verify the best course of action.

Once this is done, the surgeon will walk through the entire treatment process with his patient. If the patient incurs a minor type of sports injury, the sports surgeon may recommend a non-surgical treatment option, for example steroid injections, NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen), heat and cold compressions, which may be followed by rehabilitation. Steroid injections and drugs are usually recommended to help lessen the pain and inflammation.

Where can People find Reputable Sports Surgeons

Athletes or active individuals that need to consult a sports surgeon can find one via the Internet or ask for referrals from their general doctor. It does not take very long to find a reputable surgeon in most areas. It is highly recommended that they make use of the various online resources offered, because patients can effortlessly conduct as much research as they like in relation to all the sports surgeons in Manhattan.

Find out about the surgeons’ consultation fees, level of experience, certifications, and the surgery costs presented. Patients should choose a surgeon who has performed numerous surgeries related to his specializations. Do you need a prominent sports surgeon in Manhattan? Call 646-593-7305 for more information or click below and a representative will call you back immediately.  


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