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Is Rotator Cuff Surgery Covered by Insurance – Most Insurances Accepted

Posted on Mon, Aug 12, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

Is Rotator Cuff Surgery Covered by Insurance – Most Insurances Accepted

An orthopedic surgeon recommends rotator cuff surgery to patients who have a torn or damaged rotator cuff. Surgery is often followed by several months of rehabilitation to allow patients to regain their shoulder’s functions and normal mobility through various exercises administered by a qualified physical therapist. Once rehabilitation is completed, the surgeon and physical therapist will verify if the patient can get back to general activities that require heavy usage of his shoulder.

The Rotator Cuff – Rotator cuffs are large tendons that consist of four distinct muscles, known as the infraspinatus, teres minor, supraspinatus, and subscapularis. These muscles emanate rotator cuff surgeryfrom the wing bone and scapula, and form a cuff, which is situated above the upper arm.

What are the Functions of the Rotator Cuff? – The rotator cuff enables the arm to move up and down, as well as to rotate effortlessly. In addition, it assists the arm in performing a wide range of tasks including lifting an object, playing tennis, exercising, and swimming. If a surgeon finds that the rotator cuff is unable to function properly, he would typically propose rotator cuff surgery in order to fix it.

What to Expect from Surgery – Patients are often put under local or general anesthesia, but it depends on the surgical procedure, which could be minimally invasive surgery or open surgery. Under the anesthesia, patients will feel nothing during rotator cuff surgery.

Insurance Coverage – Normally, the first thing that patients want to find out is if the rotator cuff surgery is covered by any health insurance plans. The type of health insurance plan that covers surgery typically depends on the orthopedic surgeon and/or the medical center. Most orthopedic surgeons accept any health insurance coverage, while others may only accept a few specific types. In order to ensure that the surgeon accepts the patient’s insurance, it is important that the patient find out about insurance coverage from the surgeon before he consults him.

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