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Find Best MCL Treatment NYC – All Testing Done On Site

Posted on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

Find Best MCL Treatment NYC – All Testing Done On Site

An MCL tear can be very serious and painful, and for this reason, many patients are advised to undergo surgical MCL treatment to properly mend the tear. While there are non-surgical treatment options available, they can barely repair a severely torn meniscus. Rehabilitation alone will not be able to put the tear back together. In fact, in most rigorous cases of MCL tears, patients can hardly move their knee. Thus, undergoing physical therapy would be pointless.

MCL On-site Testing and TreatmentFind Best MCL Treatment NYC – All Testing Done On Site

Athletes are more inclined to incur a tear to their meniscus because of the vigorous sports movements they make on a daily basis. For highly competitive athletes, there are often sports doctors on the field that look after them medically, should anything happen while training or competing. These sports doctors are able to perform a few tests done on-site to determine if the athlete has an MCL tear or other injuries. Additionally, he can offer a temporary MCL treatment before further tests are done.

On-site Tests for Knee Injuries

Some of the tests include the Lachman test, Anterior Drawer test, McMurray test, and Pivot test. The sports doctors should be looking for pain and laxity around the medial area of the knee. It is advised that these on-site tests are carried out instantaneously after the injury, because this permits for greater accuracy before muscle spasm, pain, and swelling has set in.

Additional Treatments for MCL Injuries

If it is established that the athlete has incurred an MCL tear, the sports doctor will refer him to an orthopedic surgeon who will verify the MCL treatment type that is most suitable for the athlete. If surgery is inevitable, the surgeon will recommend that the athlete undergo rehabilitation after surgery is over. Treatments normally include several months of rehabilitation and some drugs to help ease the swelling and pain.

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