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NYC Orthopaedic – Most Insurance Accepted

Posted on Thu, Aug 15, 2013 @ 11:08 AM

NYC Orthopaedic – Most Insurance Accepted

People who are looking for qualified medical practitioners in the orthopaedic department should consider conducting thorough research via the Internet. Whether they suffer injuries to their shoulder or their knee, orthopaedists remain the best specialists that are able to diagnose the injury type and provide treatment options immediately and successfully.

Patients should find out as much as they can in relation to the orthopaedists before theynyc ortho decide to consult these medical experts. This includes their medical fees/costs, years of experience they possess, success rates, and general bedside manners. The aforementioned details can be obtained via the Internet or from nurses/administrative department of the medical centers, or through various reviews that are often accessible online.

How much does it cost to consult an experienced orthopaedist?

On average, medical practitioners in the orthopaedic department would charge between $200 and $400 per consultation. Nevertheless, depending on the orthopaedist’s expertise and location, it can cost a lot more. The consultation does not include any diagnostic imaging tests. Hence, patients should expect to pay more than the initial consultation fee, especially if they are required to go for a CT scan, MRI scan, and/or X-ray test. In most cases, diagnostic imaging tests are necessary in order to determine the severity of the shoulder or knee injury.

Do all orthopedists accept health insurances?

Most doctors in the orthopaedic department accept all health insurances. Even so, it is advisable that patients first confirm with their orthopaedists regarding the insurance type that is accepted by them. Additionally, patients should also check with their insurance carriers, because some health plans do not cover treatment costs, for instance surgeries and rehabilitation.

Below are several health insurances that are widely accepted by orthopaedists:

- Fidelis care
- Humana
- Capital District Physicians Health Plan
- Medicare
- Oxford Health Plans
- Unicare
- And many more

Learn more about the orthopaedic department and the insurance types that are accepted by medical centers by calling 646-593-7305. Alternatively, click the link below and a qualified representative will call you back shortly.  


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