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Sport Surgeon Reviews NYC

Posted on Wed, Aug 28, 2013 @ 18:08 PM

Sport Surgeon Reviews NYC

When a general practitioner is unable to diagnose sports-related injuries, he often refers his patients to a specialist sports surgeon. Although referrals from other professionals can be trusted, it is advisable that patients do some background checks of their own regarding the surgeons and read numerous reviews about them.

Consult Reputable Sports Surgeons

Sports surgeons are highly educated and qualified individuals who treat patients with sports-sport surgeon reviewrelated injuries. Sports-related injuries are extensive, but some of the most common types are dislocated shoulders and tears to the ACL, MCL, LCL, and rotator cuff. Before a sports surgeon recommends surgery, he will run a number of tests including an MRI scan, CT scan, and/or X-rays.

Once the results are obtained, he will go through them and discuss the treatment options with his patient. Normally, a surgeon will advise his patient to think about the options before making a final decision.

Besides surgery, sports surgeons may offer non-surgical treatment options (especially for minor to moderate injuries), such as NSAIDs (naproxen, ibuprofen), steroid injections, ice and heat packs, and rehabilitation. If all these treatment options are unable to treat the injury efficiently, the surgeon may suggest surgery as the last option.

Where to Find Reliable Sports Surgeons

Sportspeople who need to consult a sports surgeon can search online for reputable candidates. This is a relatively easy task to conduct, but to obtain the best surgeon; a patient needs to carry out further research. Research includes reading reviews about the surgeons, finding out more with relation to the surgeons’ qualifications, success rates, bedside manners, and many more.

As previously mentioned, general practitioners are reliable sources where one can obtain referrals of sports surgeons, but given that sports injuries are very common, individuals can also get references from their colleagues, relatives, or neighbors. The Internet also has a wide selection of medical websites that publish profiles and contact details of prominent sports surgeons in NYC and its surrounding areas.

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