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Reliable Shoulder Care NYC – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Sat, Aug 31, 2013 @ 18:08 PM

Reliable Shoulder Care NYC – All Testing Done on Site

Reliable shoulder care or treatment is necessary when patients incur a tear to their rotator cuff. Rotator cuffs are easily torn, especially in contact sports and these injuries can be determined on-site by running a few significant and effective tests. The following is a common on-site test carried out by an experienced doctor:

The Drop Arm Test

This test allows a qualified and experienced doctor to verify if the player’s rotator cuff is torn.shoulder care nyc To perform this test, the doctor will advise the patient to stand with her arm by her side. He will lift her arm outwards from her side and lift it slowly above her head. Thereafter, the doctor will ask her to move her arm slowly downwards toward her side again. To determine if there is a major injury, the patient’s arm will immediately drop when she lowers it below a 90 degree angle.

After the on-site test, the doctor will order a number of diagnostic imaging tests to see how big the tear is and if the doctor diagnoses the shoulder injury is severe, he will recommend a few reliable shoulder care treatments or refer the patient to a reputable local orthopedic surgeon.

Types of Treatments Available

The surgeon who specializes in orthopedic injuries will go through the results obtained from all the diagnostic imaging tests and discuss them with his team to determine if shoulder surgery is crucial. Besides surgery, there are other reliable shoulder care treatments:

NSAIDs or pain killers are often recommended in order to alleviate the pain and swelling caused by the injury. Paracetamol is helpful, but in certain cases where an individual injures his or her shoulder, the patient may require stronger drugs, such as anti-inflammatory medication like naproxen, diclofenac, and ibuprofen. Steroid injections are also a reliable shoulder care option, because it helps to lessen pain and inflammation. Rehabilitation is often necessary in order to regain the full motion and function of the shoulder joint.

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