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Best NYC PCL Treatments – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Mon, Sep 2, 2013 @ 18:09 PM

Best NYC PCL Treatments – All Testing Done on Site  

The PCL, or posterior cruciate ligament is found within a person's knee and it is one of the vital ligaments that connect the various bones. The PCL is easily injured, especially if people are involved in contact sports. Below are details about the ligament and PCL treatments:

Diagnosis of PCL Injuries

In order for physicians to diagnose a posterior cruciate ligament injury, these simple steps are carried out:

The physician will ask about the injury history – when, where, and how it occurred.pcl care Additionally, she will also want to know if the knee was bent, twisted, or straight when the injury happened. It is important that patients inform the physician how their knee felt after they incurred the injury. She will need to know if any specific symptoms are present since the injury occurred.

The following is PCL treatments that are often recommended by qualified physicians:

Home Treatment – For the primary treatment of a common posterior cruciate ligament injury, the PRICE approach may often be extremely helpful:

- Protecting the knee from further injuries
- Resting the patient’s knee at all times
- Icing the knee every 15 to 30 minutes with cold packs
- Compressing the knee tenderly with elastic bandages
- Elevating the patient’s knee

To ensure that the pain and swelling subside, physicians may prescribe pain relief medication.

Non-surgical PCL Treatments

There are cases where patients recover from PCL injuries without undergoing surgery. Physical therapy is definitely necessary if patients incur injuries to their PCL. Here are a few physical therapy exercises that patients could do with:

- Having a therapist or a machine to move the patient’s leg through its assortment of motion
- Using crutches in the beginning and then, eventually walking with additional weight on the patient’s knee
- Running or walking on a treadmill or in a pool

Surgical PCL Treatments

Physicians recommend surgeries if:

- Injuries entail more than one knee ligament
- Pieces of bone become loose or have torn off
- Chronic posterior cruciate ligament looseness that causes clear signs and symptoms in athletes

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