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Affordable PCL Surgeon NYC – Most Insurance Accepted

Posted on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

Affordable PCL Surgeon NYC – Most Insurance Accepted

The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is located within a person’s knee and is one of the main ligaments that join the thighbone to the shinbone. While the PCL is stronger and larger than the acute cruciate ligament (ACL), it can easily tear. Typically, if a general practitioner is unable to diagnose or verify the severity of the knee injury, he will refer the patient to a PCL surgeon.

Of all the injuries related to knee ligaments, approximately 20% of them are PCL tears. More often than not, injuries that cause tears to the PCL can damage other ligaments and/or cartilage in the knee. In certain cases, a piece of underlying bone can be broken loose due to the PCL injury.

Causes of Posterior Cruciate Ligament InjuriesAffordable PCL Surgeon NYC – Most Insurance Accepted

A blow to the knee while it is bent can cause injuries to the PCL. Other common causes include:

- Falling on the knee while it is bent
- Striking or knocking the knee against the dashboard during an automobile accident

Participating in the following sports can also cause these injuries:

- Baseball
- Football
- Soccer
- Rugby
- Skiing

Injuries to this particular ligament can cause mild to severe damage and a PCL surgeon categorizes PCL injuries as follows:

- Grade One – The ligament has a partial tear
- Grade Two – The PCL is moderately torn and is looser than the Grade One injury
- Grade Three – The PCL is entirely torn and the knee becomes wobbly
- Grade Four – The posterior cruciate ligament is damaged along with other ligaments in the knee

Consult a Surgeon Immediately

People with an injured knee should consult a PCL surgeon immediately in order to obtain the appropriate treatment. If it is a minor injury, surgeons often recommend medication and rehabilitation, but if the injury is extremely serious, surgery is normally recommended to repair the damages.

It is essential that patients check in advance with the PCL surgeon regarding accepted health insurances and the type of treatments that are covered by insurance policies.

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