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How Do I Know if I Injured my Shoulder – Most Insurance Accepted

Posted on Sun, Aug 25, 2013 @ 18:08 PM

How Do I Know if I Injured my Shoulder – Most Insurance Accepted

7 years ago, around 7.5 million individuals went to the physician’s office because of a shoulder injury, including upper arm and shoulder strains and sprains. Over 4.1 million of these visits were for rotator cuff injuries. Shoulder injuries are commonly caused by athletic activities that entail repetitive, excessive, overhead motion, for instance, weight lifting, tennis, pitching, and swimming.

Injuries can also happen during normal daily activities, such as hanging curtains/laundry, gardening, or washing walls. If people experienceshoulder injuries extreme pain in their shoulders, it is essential that they consult injured shoulder doctors.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries

People who are experiencing pain in their shoulder should ask themselves the following questions:

- Is the shoulder stiff? Can the arm be rotated in all the normal positions?
- Does the shoulder feel like it could slide out or pop out of the socket?
- When carrying out daily activities, does it feel as if the shoulder lacks strength?

Individuals who answer “yes” to any of the aforementioned questions should consult one of the injured shoulder doctors in their neighborhood. These professionals can determine the severity of the shoulder injury and offer the best treatment option.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Most shoulder problems entail the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, rather than the bones. Athletes are known to be particularly susceptible to problems in the shoulder area and injuries can develop gradually through intensive, repetitive training routines. The injuries can become worse, particularly if they are not treated immediately.

It is highly recommended that individuals with shoulder pain consult reputable injured shoulder doctors immediately. Patients should find out more about accepted insurance policies from the shoulder doctors before they consult them, as not all doctors and medical centers accept every health insurance type.

The following are some examples of accepted health insurances:

- Humana
- Unicare
- Evercare
- Fidelis Care
- Capital District Physicians Health Plan
- United Healthcare

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